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    Lutgert Construction Company; An Industry Leader

    By / August 17, 2015

    Construction is a leading industry in the current world where real estate are becoming major economic activities for many economies. The advantage of construction in an economy is that it covers a wide range of other industries. Construction projects are diverse and so many other players are involved. For instance a construction project will involve the transportation sector as building materials will have to be delivered on site. Building materials such as iron sheets, metals, timber, electric cables and machineries among other required materials will be supplied hence involving professionals to deal with particular specialized aspects of the project. The complexities involved in construction therefore calls for careful choices when deciding on hiring a construction company.

    For all your building and construction, you want to make sure that only the best bet there is in the market is working for you. In this regard, Lutgert Constriction Company is real deal when it comes to construction projects. The company’s long years of service in the industry have given it an admirable experience in the industry. The company was established in 1968 and by then it was operating as a construction management company. However, it has over the years been providing other services including value-added building services.

    Lutgert offers a wide range of services as well as construction assistance all the way throughout the project. One of its unique qualities that separates the company from the rest in the industry is its commitment to sustainable environmental building strategies. In construction, excellence is a very important aspect and Lutgert does not compromise on this. The company has a reputation of construction some of the most complex and schedule-driven projects which means they understand the process of phasing out constructions. Whether you are interested in commercial or residential buildings, Lutgert has your back on this.

    Some of the projects that have earned the company a good reputation include the Crossroads Market which was built in 1994. This structure is a retail friendly complex which has a notable and distinctive architectural design. Another top tier commercial project done by the Lutgert Company is the Village on Venetian Bay. Other than commercial projects, the company has a reputation in residential projects. Aria is one great project that holds the company’s legacy in residential building. It is a high rise project erected on the Park Shore Beach. Others include Club Le Ciel: Park Tower, Azure, Enclave and Esperia South among others.…

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